Welcome to Soy Chai Bookshelf!  I'm Jennifer and I'm from New Jersey but recently moved to Austin, Texas, where I live with my husband and two cats.  I'm a social worker but I was an English major in undergrad and miss having bookish discussions so this blog is how I fill that void.  Here you'll find my honest opinion about the books I read (though I usually try to be nice about it) and my musings on how Harry Potter should have died.  I have long aspired to writing my own novels but am bad at self-motivating.  One day.  In the meantime, I read other people's.

Likes: literary fiction, dystopia, Victorian literature, historical fiction, Tudor biographies, magical realism, some YA, graphic novels, the occasional memoir, inspirational quotes, feminism, ambiguity, unhappy endings, and soy chai lattes

Dislikes: racism, sexism, other -isms, mean people, characters who experience trauma but aren't traumatized by it

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