Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Ending of Allegiant

Okay, so it is probably ridiculous to write about the ending of a book before I write about the book itself, especially when I have other posts that I intended to write this week and just haven't happened, but oh well.  I just finished Allegiant and I have all the thoughts (as do all the t/weens apparently - just Google "Veronica Roth" for a spoiler-risking hint).  I feel like this probably shouldn't need saying but as this post is about the ENDING of the book, it will contain spoilers.  SPOILERS.  Like, super-spoilers.  So I'm going to follow the author's example, as set in her own post on the ending, by putting a spoiler break in case you're reading this on something that doesn't include the cut.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Texas Book Festival

YOU GUYS.  I have been the worst book blogger since getting my new job.  I clearly need to work on my confidence in blogging at work, both to keep up with your blogs and my own (that's how other people do it, right??).  But I'm still reading!  Albeit slowly, though I think that that's more because Cat's Eye is kind of slow than because of me necessarily.  I'm racing through my re-listen of The Likeness, so that's something.  BUT.  The Texas Book Festival is taking place in Austin next weekend and I.  Cannot.  Wait.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Snow Child ~ Eowyn Ivey

Do you ever read a book with one of those literary claims to fame, a big award or a finalist for a big award, and think, oh this must have something and then you read it and you're all wtf, why do they lie so hard?  Because it's happened to me.  Not to name names or anything.  Cough.  I'm happy to say that The Snow Child, a Pulitzer Prize finalist, was not that kind of experience for me.

You guys.  THIS BOOK.  I bought it pretty spontaneously - I had a vague interest in it but only decided to actually buy it because I was trying to stretch a gift card and the book I really wanted cost more.  But in retrospect, that is just fine.  It is the book for me.  How often can you say that?  I read books that I like, love even, but rarely have the urge to say "this is the book for me."  I could ramble on all day.