Friday, June 28, 2013

You have to admit, that is pretty cool.

Since I finished graduate school last month and am currently unemployed (anyone want to hire a licensed social worker in the Austin area?), I have been reading quite a bit more than usual, which means a lot more time on Goodreads (friend me!) obsessively categorizing my books.  After finishing A Visit From the Goon Squad this morning (meh - review to come), I decided that I should read something from my Classics Club and summer reading lists next, so I settled on Vilette by Charlotte Bronte.  So I went into Goodreads on my iPod Touch to let the world know and that's when I saw it.

There's a "Read Now" button at the top, just under the publishing information, hitherto unknown to me.  Okay, I think, maybe that's some new shortcut to adding a book to my currently reading list - neat!  Of course, in that case it should be "Reading Now" but whatever, I shall now save myself one click and oh what a difference it will make.  So I click it and lo and behold, what should appear but an immediate and fast download of the eBook.  For free!

I'm probably totally behind the times on this (in which case, why didn't anyone tell me?!) but that is pretty awesome.  I mean, I'm not even into eBooks BUT, should I forget my book at home one day (like that would ever happen), having this to fall back on is nice.  I'd imagine that this update is thanks to the big mean Amazon*, whose acquisition of Goodreads I was pretty meh about (ducks to avoid rotten fruit), especially since nothing changed except, apparently, awesome new features (they still have links to a variety of booksellers, which is a-ok in my book).  I checked the Goodreads pages for The Woman in White and Heart of Darkness as well, and they had the same thing.  So I'm thinking this is probably true of all books that are out of copyright and I like that.  Free, easy access to books whose authors are no longer around to collect royalties is something that I can absolutely get on board with.

What do you think about this feature?  Or did you already know and are now shaking your head at my behind-the-times-ness?

*That reminds me that I need to post about all the FANTASTIC book-buying options that I now have since moving to Austin.  Barnes & Noble and Amazon have become things of my past.


  1. I did not realize this was a feature in Goodreads but I guess I don't use the site for anything other than "Here's what I'm reading now. Here's what I want to one day read" aaaand done.

  2. I did know about this and although I agree that it's very cool, I have yet to use it. But it is cool :)