Friday, May 24, 2013

HP Readalong ~ Deathly Hallows 11-19

We creep ever closer to the end of this readalong and it is a sad, sad thing.  I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid doing whatever I'm supposed to do on Fridays and Saturdays without it.  I suppose I'll think of something (I see more readalongs in my future).  As for this week, my post is relatively short and uninvolved because I listened to the whole section on audiobook and the actual book is currently on the back of a truck somewhere, as I am mid-move and writing this post seems like the first chance I've had to sit down in days.  I'm also scheduling this post because I have a 7:10 a.m. flight on Friday (eek!) and I assure you, I will not be waking up even earlier to post about Harry Potter.  Sorry, guys.  Happy Harry Potter Day!

I'm having trouble remembering what happened this week, other than an image of Harry's scarred hands that seems to be engraved in my memory.  Is anyone else so over Harry's I will not tell lies scar?  Because really, there's only so many times you can display it to dramatic effect before it just gets old.  We cried over it two books ago, Harry.  Time to move on.  And what's with him using the scars against Rufus Scrimgeour (in previous sections)?  Scrimgeour did not sanction that.  That's like saying Great job, Obama, with that whole Vietnam thing.

Besides displaying awkward fists, Harry also ventures into the Ministry of Magic and I have to say, ballsy move, made all the more interesting (and do-able) by the fact that Harry is impersonating a bad guy/powerful person.  I think it's odd that the terrible three did SO MUCH planning and research and then just left Harry's disguise up to chance but at this point, that's to be expected and totally overshadowed by the events in the Ministry.

Magic is Might. Wizards sitting in thrones atop heaps of Muggles and general horrors.  And Umbridge has officially crossed over to Team Voldy.  One of the scariest things about Dolores is that she doesn't really have a team at all.  I don't recall her having any anti-Muggle-born sentiment in Order of the Phoenix but all of the sudden she is literally threatening Muggle-borns with the Dementor's Kiss due entirely to their parentage.  With her Napolean complex, Umbridge clearly is on the side of power, no matter what that side does, which makes her especially dangerous.  Like Juliet from Lost, you never know what she'll do.
 photo 155t75k_zps487acb41.gif
Man, did I hate her.
And then Harry manages to get both the locket AND free all the Muggle-borns because he is always so willing to put others' safety before his own.  Ho-hum.  We know all about it.

Insert REALLY LONG AND OBVIOUS expository scene HERE (the scene on the riverbank, if you missed it).  Usually I don't mind exposition but this is just so clumsily done that it can't redeem itself.  I mean, the three wizards and two goblins all arrive together but hadn't previously bothered to find out why their companions were on the run?  How likely is that?  One of them could easily have been an undercover agent sent by Umbridge to capture the others.  And how sad is it that Dean Thomas is with them?  Sure, Harry et al. are on the run too, but it's partially their choice.  Dean is just a kid with a shitty dad who has to leave school to save his own life and that is just the saddest thing.  Shame on you, Voldy/Umbridge (I've decided that they are now a single entity).

Ron leaves and nobody is surprised.  Given to jealousy, angst, and a voracious appetite, nobody ever really expected him to stay (Dumbledore included) but it is really sad.  He abandons both his best friend and long-time crush in a moment of anger.  Normally I think about how shitty that must be for Harry and Hermione, but can you imagine how crappy Ron himself must have felt afterwards?  He acted like a brat and a baby and then when back on his word.  Eugh, that must have torn him apart.

A VERY IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT THE MOVIE: The scene where Harry and Hermione randomly cry-dance?  BULL.  SHIT.  That scene makes me SOOO mad because that is so not their friend-dynamic and hugging is awkward enough.  THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.  Who's with me?  I warn you, I've gotten into Twitter-battles about this in the past, back when I used Twitter.

Harry and Hermione go to Godric's Hollow and Harry sees his parents' grave and their memorial, aw.  It's sweet but leaves me wondering how nobody ever took him there before.  I feel like Mrs. Weasley would have MADE SURE this was done.  And then Bathilda-snake and Voldy arrives and ho-hum.  Except for how Voldy wanted to kill a trick-or-treater because we clearly didn't know how evil he was yet.  Thanks for the confirmation, JKR.

Finally, Harry finds the sword and Ron gets there in the nick of time (which is a really odd phrase now that I think about it).  I like the part where the Horcrux plays a little movie of all his fears.  It's intense and helps explain why he left.  Even so, I also like that Hermione doesn't just forgive him for it.  Granted, she didn't have all the information, but even still, I think that she is totally in the right for how she reacts.  A little immature, sure, but she gets her very justified feelings out there and they can move on.

Up next: Draco returns!  See y'all in two weeks!


  1. "Scrimgeour did not sanction that. That's like saying Great job, Obama, with that whole Vietnam thing." HAHA. Although I guess Harry does have slightly more reason to bring this up to Scrimgeour considering Umbridge is still employed by the Ministry when she clearly should have been fired.

    I didn't really think about how shitty things were for Dean, what with him having to run even though he isn't Muggle-born. (Also, didn't the first movie have his parents reversed? With his mom being a witch?)

    1. I could be mistaken, but I think your thinking of Seamus Finnegan.

  2. I didn't mind the dancing scene - I mean I didn't like it and I get the anger about it not being something they'd do - but I also liked the moment in the film and the idea that they had to do something new, something different, to fill the hole that Ron left. Because if they were both honest with each other they'd have to admit that Ron is the most important person to both of them. Just my two cents, NO FLAME WARS OK?!

    Poor Dean, I agree with the super-exposition, but I liked that it made me think about him because I don't know that he ever would have crossed my mind otherwise. Which isn't because I don't like him but he's too small to even factor in at this point otherwise.

    1. I like your justification for the dancing scene but I still think it's out of character for them, Harry especially. Perhaps something else unusual that doesn't violate his no-touching policy would have been better. Look, no fire!

  3. I know what you mean about the attacking-Scrimgeour-with-the-hand-scars thing (had to be a neater way to say that...) but he has never in any way shown that he's doing anything different with the Ministry, Umbridge does still work there, AND Harry's young, so apparently doesn't know how to distinguish between authority figures.

    Also YES about the Umbridge and her love of power thing. Because it's just so HORRIBLE. I've just realised that what I really wanted to say about her is that it would be one thing working for Voldy because you're scared of him, but it's another to really RELISH the task he's given you and actually be extremely efficient at it! Fuck you, Dolores.

    And SURELY Mrs Weasley would make sure Harry was taken to Godric's Hollow! You're so right! Because otherwise these adults are only doing good by Harry as long as it doesn't affect their lives/plans in any way (Ahem, Dumbledore) and that's just not fair!

    1. Whenever Harry flashes the scars, I always wonder if Scrimgeour even knows what his point is. I mean, he became Minister in the middle of a war...was he really briefed on the horrendous things Umbridge did with his predecessor's approval? I'm thinking not. I'd imagine he just thinks that Harry's threatening him with a display of Muggle dueling.