Friday, February 22, 2013

HP Readalong 4.1

Goblet of Fire was the first book of the series that I had to wait for.  I pre-ordered it at either a Waldenbooks or a B. Dalton (remember those stores?).  Then I realized that the book would be released while I was at camp and BEGGED my mom to pick it up before she came to visit me, which she refused to do since she was convinced that I would ruin it.  So I was very grumpy and spent my last week or two at camp begging other people's copies and waking up early so that I could sneak them out of the cabin.  When I got home and finally got my book, I parked myself in a recliner, started on page 1, and read all 734 pages in one day.  It was the first book of the series that made me cry.  Happy Harry Potter Day, ya'll.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dark Places ~ Gillian Flynn

After racing through Gone Girl a couple of months ago and being totally hooked by the twisted characters and constant plot twists, I knew I had to read more by Gillian Flynn.  I just listened to the audiobook of her second novel, Dark Places, and let me just say, she toned down the crazy for Gone Girl.  Did you think that was possible?  Neither did I.

Friday, February 15, 2013

HP Readalong ~ Azaban.2

When I was in middle school school, my mom and I went on a weekend trip to the Niagara Falls.  While we were in the tourist trap that is the first mile of Canada beyond the border, we wandered into a store that was selling Harry Potter books.  Except that they had different covers.  At that age it was soooo cool and I begged my mom to buy me one, any one, even though I already had them all with the American covers.  At that time, only the first three were out, so my choice was obvious: Prisoner of Azkaban.  It was all different, and British, and it was the first time I realize that the books had been "translated" into American English because some of the sayings weren't the same (but I can't remember which right now because it's at my parents' house).  Also, it was actually portable.

Happy Harry Potter Day, y'all.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Feast for Crows ~ George R.R. Martin

I finished A Feast for Crows about a month ago, just recently enough that I still have a sense of it and feel like I can adequately review it, and just long enough ago that I had to check Wikipedia to make sure that I wasn't mixing up the story lines with those from past books.  Oops.  But, with this review I'm finally caught up on my reviews (I think) so woot for that.  Since A Feast for Crows is the fourth book in GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire series, there will obviously be spoilers to the past books, so read those reviews instead if'n you want:
Game of Thrones
A Clash of Kings
A Storm of Swords

Friday, February 8, 2013

HP Readalong ~ Prisoner of Azkaban Part 1

Ladies, I have a confession to make on this, the 6th weekly Harry Potter Day.  I finished Prisoner of Azkaban a week ago.  I know, I'm such a rebel.  But I drive so much and the third book is so good and audiobooks just don't respect readalong schedules.  Such unruly little rule-breakers (Huh. Does the word unruly come from the word rule?  Weird...).  And not only did I read the book ahead of time, but I had a really tough time identifying parts to mock mercilessly because this book is SO MUCH BETTER than the first two that all I did was swoon and not take mental notes of ridiculousness.  Of course, there is a bit of ridiculousness, which I was reminded of going through the table of contents in my hard copy.  But, to start off on the right foot...

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Leftovers ~ Tom Perrotta

I first picked up The Leftovers while I was at the library with a little boy I babysit.  He was happily occupied with the library's computer games, so I managed to get through two chapters (it's a quick read) and was quickly engaged.  It wasn't my library though, so I couldn't borrow it and it was several months before I came across it again, this time on a clearance table, and even longer before I returned to it.  That's a lot of build-up, but it's about a world gone wrong and I love worlds gone wrong (what does that say about me?), so it's worth the wait.  Right?

Friday, February 1, 2013

HP Readalong ~ Chamber of Secrets Part 2

I said last week on somebody's blog (can't remember whose) that us Dobby lovers should find a way to differentiate ourselves from the disturbingly large number of Dobby haters out there.  Since I am not nearly creative or tech-y enough to create some actual badge of honor, I am including the following picture to designate myself a member of the D-club.  Club Dob?  We'll talk about it.  Happy Harry Potter Day!

The Master Post
My original review

Part 1