Monday, October 29, 2012


At the risk of sharing more about my personal life than is really safe to do on the interwebs, I'm going to point our that I live in NJ, right in the middle of the orange strip above.  And also, that this is less than a mile from my house (if you know where it is, please don't tell any serial killers with whom you might be acquainted):
I stole this picture from somebody on Facebook.  Thanks, stranger.
And it's not even raining!  I mean, it's kind of drizzling and stuff, but it's not the kind of weather that has you strapping on a life jacket.  In fact, I am underwhelmed.  Irene was dull too.  Maybe because we had a tornado (yup in NJ) on my 11th birthday, I am now unimpressed by anything that Mother Nature has to throw at me.  Or maybe tomorrow I will be rescinding this comment.

BUT it is a good day!  My internship and my husband's job both decided to close before realizing that Sandy was taking her time, so we are home, and he is making me waffle fries with cheese and scallions and all sorts of delicious things, and we are going to play board games, and I may actually get to read a book for fun, something I have not done in over a month.  So really, Hurricane Sandy is awesome for my marriage and life in general and I wish she would stay a while... or maybe tomorrow I will be rescinding this comment.

What are your rain day plans?

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  1. Stupid Sandy. I'm really hoping it goes more like Irene. (My family's in the same orange strip and they said the same as you. My bro even still has work cos haha to him.)

    My office is also closed today! Because NYC shut down all ways for me to get to my office. However, I can work from home so not so much a day off. Le sigh.

    I'm just hoping we don't lose electricity. Or at least not for long.