Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Reading Journal: My To-Read List

So apparently I'm in list-making mode.  I decided that today I should both make a list of all of the books on my to-read shelf and join the Classics Club.  I haven't finished my list for the Classics Club yet, but I thought I'd share my to-read list in the meantime.  Besides being an excessively long list of books that I own and have not read (87!), it's kind of interesting for me to look at, to see where I've been in my reading life and where I thought I'd go.  You can view my list here; meanwhile here are some observations I've made about it and memories that it's inspired:

- I have at some point decided that I will read every single memoir on this last (only about four, I think) during the up-coming school year.  A noble goal, but I kind of doubt its likelihood.

- The two non-anthologized books of poetry are from the time of the best creative writing class I've taken, thanks entirely to the professor who taught it and personally recommended both books to me.  I haven't read any poetry since.  I got the 10-Minutes Plays book from that class as well.

- I seem to overestimate my love of Virginia Woolf.  I've read three of her novels and in the five years that have elapsed since I completed the third, I seem to have amassed five more of her books without reading a page.

- Ditto for Nadine Gordimer.  I've read and loved one of her short stories, read and appreciated one novel, and yet somehow have two collections of her short fiction, both of which I've sampled and failed to be engaged by.

- I'm more likely to read a book if I bought it new.  Most of the books on this shelf were bought used or given as gifts.  And I've mostly attempted (and failed) to read the few of those that I purchased new.

- I can remember how I acquired every single one of these, from the book I bought for an online book exchange and ended up keeping (no worries, I sent the recipient something else instead) to the books my husband used his own ingenuity to pick out for me (cough cough <3 i="i" insist="insist" mother="mother" my="my" p="p" read.="read." those="those" to="to">
- I bought The Visions of Emma Blau because of how much I loved Stones from the Rivers, and have been afraid to read it for years because I'm afraid it will let me down.

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