Thursday, April 12, 2012


Hey there blog people.  I've been absent for a while, and probably should be right now, since I have two papers due on Tuesday.  But instead, I shall procrastinate and talk to you about the things.  The book things, that is.  I currently have four (I think) books to review, one of which I finished at least two months ago.  Oops!  Sneak peek: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was wonderful and while I loved the audiobook experience, I know that I will be buying a print copy as well because Jonathan Safran Foer deserves my money and I got the audiobook from the library (does anybody else prefer to buy new copies of books by authors that are currently living?).  I'm still reading The Six Wives of Henry VIII and I'm having one of those experiences similar to when I realized I was destined to marry my husband, by which I mean that I can't understand how I'm not bored of/annoyed by this topic yet.  Seriously, I'm rarely into non-fictionalized history, and I've been learning about the same two women for months now from various sources (haven't gotten to wives 3-6 yet) and I still want to know more.  Crazy!

Looking forward, the semester ends on May 1!  AKA, I will start reading at a much speedier pace on May 2, and also hopefully telling you what I think of books in reviews that are longer than a sentence apiece.  I'm still deciding what to read first: The Marriage Plot (I know, I'm the only person ALIVE who hasn't read this yet), The Game of Thrones (because I think my husband will literally wet his pants if he has to wait any longer to watch the show), or Alias Grace (since, you know, I just signed up for a read along [because we know how good I am at committing to reading endeavors {if you don't know, the answer is 'not very good'}]).  Thoughts?

I shall be back soon, my bookish companions.  Now back to statistics and spirituality (but not in the same paper).

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  1. Good luck with you papers! Look forward to your reviews, especially the Henry VIII one, which isn't a topic I'm all that into but your enthusiasm makes me want to know more.