Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bookish Stuff

So once again I've gotten to the point where I'm overdue to write three book reviews, one of which is left over from the last time I complained about this.  I could use this post to start remedying that but..... yeah.  I'd rather ramble on about some other bookish stuff first.

Firstly, I've started listening to Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer on audiobook (AKA I'm already halfway through) and it's wonderful.  I love Oscar, who is so precocious that in real life I know I'd just want to strangle him, and who can make me confused about whether I'm laughing or crying because the book moves between both so often and so effectively.  And the narration is really good - so much so that even though this is normally the kind of book I'd read in print, I'm actually glad I went the audiobook route (though I'll still probably buy a print copy when I'm done).  I could say more, but I'd rather not ruin my future review, which may or may not ever get written.

I also started reading a biography of the wives of Henry VIII by Amy Weir because the obsession lives on, and it's so interesting to compare her perspectives of Queen Katherine to what Julia Fox said about her in Sister Queens (which I also need to write up a review for).

OH, and I finished The Other Boleyn Girl on audiobook and decided to watch the movie because Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are two of my favorite actresses and putting them in the same movie should be a recipe for awesomeness, but it so wasn't (though it wasn't their fault).  It was a classic case of a director trying to save a crappy screenplay with a couple of big names and it flopped horribly.  I gave up trying to watch when Henry rapes Anne - what?!?!  I'm ashamed to say that rape actually made me laugh because it made no sense, narratively or historically or in light of the novel the movie was based on.

So that's where I've been reading-wise.  Even if the reviews aren't flowing, they sure are building up, and hopefully I'll be back this weekend to share them with you.  Assuming I ever catch up on the grad school work I've been eschewing in favor of watching The Tudors on Netflix with my husband.

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