Sunday, February 12, 2012

My new idea needs your input!

While a lot of the books I read are inspired by reviews by my fellow bloggers (see my last post), many of them arise by other means.  I see them in the store, a friend suggests them, or while linking through Wikipedia I find something interesting.  Whatever the reason I read a book, I often want to read a lot of reviews of them after I've finished.  Maybe you do too.  Or maybe you like to read a bunch of reviews before you commit to a book.  The problem is, people have a tendency not to post reviews at the exact moment that we want to read them, which is really quite inconsiderate. :]

Aha, the solution!  It occurred to me the other day that I could put one of those Linkys widgets that people use for features and readalongs and whatnot at the end of every single one of my book reviews.  That way, people could link up to their reviews of the same book, no matter when they were written, and easily see what others besides me had to say.  Maybe you read the book years ago and want to revisit it.  Maybe you're considering reading the book and want a wider range of opinions.  Maybe you just want to discover new bloggers with similar literary interests.  It all goes.

I won't require links back because it's about the book, not about me.  I would, of course, require that the links actually be about the book and delete any links that are not.  So here's what I'm asking you:

1) Would this be a worthwhile expenditure of my effort?

2) If I started doing this, would you actually be willing to dig out your old reviews to link up?

3) If your answer was yes, should I go back and add a linky to each of my old reviews as well, or would that just be too much work for everybody involved?

I can't wait for your opinions!


  1. I've seen these on a few blogs, and whilst I think it is a good idea, I have only rarely used them. I tend to use google to find reviews of books after I've read the, or look on the review databases of blogs I trust.

  2. I always want to read reviews of a book after I've just finished the book so I think this is a good idea. However I feel like it still might be difficult to find all of those reviews again. Ideally I guess a separate searchable site would be the best answer.

    By the way, I tagged you in blog tag but I'm bad at following the rules and actually telling you about it until I'm leaving a separate comment.