Friday, May 13, 2011

Top Ten - er - Wednesday

I'm a day late on this but that's okay.  You forgive me, right?  This week's Top Ten Tuesday Wednesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, is Top Ten Biggest Jerks in Literature, to go along with the Top Ten Mean Girls list from a few weeks ago.  Just to note, I'm going with "jerks" rather than "out-and-out evil nemeses" with this one.  Voldemort and Acheron Hades are just too easy.

1. Hindley Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights: Everybody thinks that Heathcliff was such a jerk, but as a kid he wasn't really so bad.  It was Hindley stealing (or killing? or laming? I can't remember) his horse, and smacking him around, and pretty much enslaving him that soured Heathcliff.  Pretty jerky things to do.
2. Godfrey Cass from Silas Marner: He secretly marries, ignores his wife and child, and then, years later when he starts feeling guilty, expects Silas Marner to be like oh sure, you can have her back.  After seventeen years, I'm not really that fond of her.  Just another jerk who thinks that money entitles him to behave however he wants.
3. George Wickham from Pride and Prejudice: He's just a bit, fat, lying, abandoning, deflowering jerk.  However, he did get his as he's forced to spend the rest of his life putting up with Lydia.
4. Zacharias Smith from Harry Potter: This kid's just obnoxious.  All he does is argue and complain and question Harry's authority during the DA lessons that Harry teaches.  This kid is why dunce hats and three-legged stools were made.
5. Angel Clare from Tess of the D'Urbervilles: He's all like, "I love you and I don't care that you're a poor little milkmaid, I'm marrying you anyway, and by the way I have this secret, and you have the same secret except it's less offensive because it wasn't your fault?  AWAY WITH YOU, WOMAN."  'Nough said.
6. Maximilian de Winter from Rebecca: He's so wishy washy.  Sometimes he's all, "Oh my pet, let me stroke you," and others he's like, "You're in a dress my other wife wore but that you couldn't have known she wore!  I love her so much, why would you remind me of her?  Shunned!" and then all of a sudden, he's like, "She's nothing, nothing to you, nameless second wife.  I <3 you and always have."  And then the reader's all, "Why didn't you say that from the beginning?!  What a jerk."

Okay, I'm out, and a bit exhausted from the effort.  Looking back at my list, I see that all six jerks I managed to come up with were born of British pens.  Odd.


  1. OMG, in my love for Heathcliff and his badassness, I totally forgot about what an assface Hindley is! Good call.

  2. I like the distinction between evil and jerk. I think it's important for this topic. And I love your HP choice. It took me awhile to figure out who you meant, but man that kid was so annoying.