Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Quickie

No, not that kind of quickie!  Today, in honor of Short Story Month, I have a nice quick story for you.  "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings," by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, tells of an angel's descent to Earth and what he finds there.  The phoenix-like angel's thoughts are never revealed, nor is his presence ever really questioned (though it is certainly noticed), but Marquez describes his experiences in such a way that you can't help but empathize with him.  This story is a little unusual in that the time frame is far longer than the average short story and it doesn't really focus on any one character, but glances at many.  However, despite the apparent lack of specific focus and it's extreme shortness, Marquez crafts a story that is complete unto itself.

A short story writer, novelist, screenwriter, and journalist, Gabriel Garcia Marquez is best-known for two novels, One Hundred Years of Solitude and Love in the Time of Cholera (both of which I love and recommend), and his use of magical realism.  In his writing, the strange is not shocking.  For anybody who is interested in his writing but intimidated by the length and density, "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings," is a great, quick introduction to his style.  You can read it here, and be sure to tell me what you think!

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