Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Mean Girls

Mean Girls in Books is the subject of this week's Top Ten Tuesday, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.  Many people have revised this title to specify girls they'd like to bitch-slap and though I'm tempted to do the same, I don't actually want to slap everybody on my list and I really hate the term "bitch-slap."  "Bitch" I'm okay with though, as you shall soon see.

1) Pansy Parkinson from Harry Potter: The fact that she's a Malfoy-loving Slytherin should be enough to explain this choice.  Add in the fact that she mocks Hermione's appearance and tries to give Harry to Voldemort, and you have one mean girl.
2) Caroline Bingley from Pride and Prejudice: Snotty and obnoxious, this girl is plain old mean.
3) Ruth from Never Let Me Go: To be fair, I think that Ruth behaved the way that she did because she was excessively insecure, but that doesn't negate the fact that she was incredibly mean to her so-called best friend and boyfriend, never mind how she ruined both their romantic lives for all of time.  Bitch.
4) Most women in Anna Karenina: Most of the non-major women in this book were cruel to Anna and left her to wallow in sadness until her tragic end.  Not that I liked her much either, but at least she wasn't quite so cold-hearted.
5) The governess from The Turn of the Screw: I'm pretty sure she killed the little boy she was supposed to be caring for.  Not cool, lady.
6) Aunt Reed from Jane Eyre: Instead of being a mother to Jane, she locked Jane in the red room, where Jane passed out from fear.  Then she sent Jane away, telling her future teachers that Jane was horrible.  Then she told Jane's long-lost uncles, who wanted to give her a veritable fortune upon her, that Jane was dead.  Then she made Jane visit her death-bed to tell her that she never loved her.  Um, yeah.  Need I say more?
7) Catherine Earnshaw from Wuthering Heights: Cathy is mean to everybody, including herself.  This results in mental and emotional breakdowns and Cathy's own unhappiness.  Unlike everybody else on this list, I probably wouldn't slap her because she seems to me to be a victim of her society - unable to be with the man she loves because of her social status.  Though she's really mean, mostly I just feel sorry for her.
8) The older daughter from Still Alice: All I'm going to say about her is that upon hearing that her mother had a degenerative, terminal, genetic disease was, (to paraphrase [though not heavily]), "So you're telling me I'm going to become a zombie?"

Okay, I'm out of Mean Girls to talk about.  Eight's pretty good though, no?


  1. UMBRIDGE. She's not just mean she's downright EVIL. Sometimes I find her even more evil than Voldemort because most of his actions at least have some kind of twisted reasoning behind them. Bellatrix could be a mean girl, but mostly she's just kind of insane. Umbridge just downright enjoys cruelty, whether it's for a purpose or not. The scariest people are the ones who can be perfectly calm and rational while doing terrible, terrible things. Those are the people you have to look out for!

  2. I'm super impressed you made it to 8. I couldn't even come close! I wish I had remembered Mrs. Reed from Jane Eyre. She's such an awful, spiteful woman.