Sunday, April 24, 2011

Reading in my Sleep

Do you ever read in your sleep?  Sometimes, when I've been reading before bed and the story is firmly in the forefront of my mind, I find myself reading in my dreams.  When I wake, I find myself searching through my sheets for my book, convinced that it just slipped out of my hands after having read it for hours and hours.  I realize, worryingly, that I've forgotten what just happened, though the words had been playing in my head all night.  I usually forget about it by the next time I pick up the book and remember my place in it.

Last night was different.  I was near the end of Never Let Me Go, by Kazuo Ishiguro when I went to sleep.  Again, I read for hours in my dreams, but this time I remembered what I had read when I awoke, or at least some of it.  In my dream, I read that Madame had a necklace of a silver pendant with an elephant stamped on it.  When asked about it, she demanded to know why it was important who drew the elephant and does the questioner want to know also who stamped the silver.  When I awoke, I knew whose elephant it was and could not forget that moment even as I picked up the book to read on.  And oddly, it fits.  Ishiguro didn't write this detail into the story, but it makes sense for me.  Madame may have dreamed of the elephant herself, but its significance is just as real as though the pendant actually hung around her neck.


  1. Ha ha, I love this. I always forget that I do this until it happens (or until someone reminds me of it). The only thing I dislike about reading in my sleep is waking up and realizing that everything I've dreamt didn't actually happen in the book - sometimes disappointing because I like how I plotted things out, sometimes because I dream about books I don't like.

    This is SO not the same thing, but when I watching gilmore girls (a task i devoted myself to for months) I started having GG dreams every night. My god was that glorious.

    -- ellen

  2. I've devoted myself to Gilmore Girls for years, though I don't think I've ever dreamed of it. Glad to know I'm alone in dream-reading!

  3. Great story to go with a great novel! I don't dream-read so much as I dream myself into the world of the books that I read...

  4. Sometimes I'm reading and fall asleep mid-sentence, but it's that odd half sleep where you're still kind of aware. My brain is still just barely awake and functioning and thinks I'm still reading my book despite no new information being processed and my eyes being closed. It's a very weird but almost kind of cool thing.

    Also, I once had a dream that I lived in Stars Hollow and it was my birthday and in celebration there were fireworks made out of flower petals that rained down on everyone and we all jumped in giant piles of flower petals in our pajamas. I've probably told you that dream before, but it was awesome and someone brought up Gilmore Girls, so there you go.