Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo Week One Recap

So as I mentioned a few weeks ago, this year I have been participating in NaNoWriMo.  Yesterday marked the end of the first week and probably the most prolific week of my entire life.  In the first six days, I wrote 13,046 words and on the seventh day I rested (much like someone else of whom I've heard tell).  Also, by "rested" I mean was super-lazy in the morning, went to a play in the afternoon, and drank and fell asleep in the evening.

ANYWHO.  It has been an interesting experience thus far.  I've forced myself to write in a very different way than ever before.  Generally my writing "process" includes checking my e-mail/facebook/twitter/blogs for about a half hour while stuff goes on in the back of my mind, then writing anywhere from one to two sentences and then starting the whole thing over.  While this sounds tedious and awful and a ridiculous waste of time, it does have the bonus of allowing me to really choose my words and phrasing before I type anything.  That's not to say that I don't edit; I edit like crazy, but the first draft generally isn't quite as terrible as I think my NaNoWriMo is.

Doing NaNoWriMo and reaching my self-imposed goal of 2000 words per day (which allows me five rest days) has meant just forcing myself to spit out whatever drivel comes into my head.  In terms of word count, this has worked.  In terms of quality…well, I'm not so sure.  My story actually bores me at times (like right now, which is a large part of the reason that I'm writing this post) though there have been a few moments when I've been right there and the words come naturally and I feel like I'm writing something that could actually become something.  If you know what I mean.

I think that even if this project turns out to be little more than drivel that's not even worth the effort of editing, it has still taught me some things about just sitting down and writing that I can hang onto.  Like: just suck it up and do it.  Also: it's actually possible to write in your own home without a $4 cup of chai.

And maybe, just maybe, it will have potential or at least some parts that are salvageable.  For now, back to work.  I have another 1000+ words to write for the day.  Wish me luck!

How have everybody else's NaNoWriMo experiences been?  I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on it though if you just want to bring me down about it, feel free to say nothing.

PS. You can track my progress with the handy little widget in my sidebar.  Also, if you're doing NaNoWriMo feel free to add me as a buddy - seeing other people's progress helps me with motivation.  My NaNoWriMo name is SoyChaiBookworm.


  1. Great work on your progress thus far! I was far too much of a wuss to commit this year -- maybe next?

    New follower to your site -- love the name, and I scrolled through your post, very interested in the Vegan MoFo that I saw -- as a vegetarian heading back to my vegan eyes, that certainly caught my eye!

  2. That's a great word count for the first week! Congrats!

  3. I am new to your blog, Jennifer - I discovered it through Belleza's blog - and it looks wonderful!

    Wonderful to know that you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year! I did it for the last three years and loved the experience - though I had some challenging days in between, when I didn't want to write anything. I have never written so much in a short span before and NaNoWriMo made me do that. So, I can identify with your comment - "it has still taught me some things about just sitting down and writing that I can hang onto. Like: just suck it up and do it." Hope you enjoy the NaNoWriMo experience! Looking forward to seeing you cross the line on Nov 30th!