Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween all!

So this is where I was going to post pictures and my thoughts on yesterday's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in D.C.  However, though Arianna Huffington was generous enough to give us a free ride down there, between the supreme lack of organization, unforeseen traffic, and the mob at the subway (we ended up taking a half-hour long speed walk from RFK stadium to the National Mall), by the time we got there the rally was packed and there was no way of getting in and from outside it we couldn't understand a word.  Instead, we ate PB&J on the lawn of the capitol and had drinks at a Thai pub, before getting back on the bus and taking another 5+ hour bus ride.  To be honest, it wasn't so bad.  I read a lot, napped, exercised, talked to my husband and friend - pretty much what I would have done if I'd stayed home, except I also got to scale the wall at the capitol.  Not so bad.

This is also where I was going to post a book review* of Dracula in honor of Halloween.  Unfortunately, my many naps yesterday got in the way of me finishing all 400 pages, so I will scurry to finish it today and post tonight.  It may be a touch difficult since I have big plans today as well (i.e. my first football game…vomit).  Nobody will mind if I read between downs will they?  (Did I get the jargon right?!)

This is also where I was going to post a picture of my kickass Halloween costume.  But, um, I didn't make one for about the tenth year in a row.  Maybe next year.  Definitely next month though (wearing a costume on November 18?  What could it possibly be?  Kudos to anybody who doesn't know me in real life who guesses correctly).

Happy Halloween to all!

*Just a note about reviews: I'm going to try and make them a bit shorter and less rambling in the hopes that maybe people will start to actually read them.  Maybe I'll find some sort of online book club that will allow me to ramble on for hours about all the particulars of what I'm reading…

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  1. I think the fact that your husband and friend also insisted on continuously bugging you out of boredom also contributed to not being able to finish the book.

    You COULD just post the picture I took of you napping on the bus!!