Sunday, September 26, 2010

Randomness Part 1

So I've decided to do something different with the blog today.  Namely, treating it as a blog.

Before starting Soy Chai Bookshelf, I had some ideas about it that included single-topic posts, lots of editing, and daily updates.  Well, the first two have worked thus far (for the most part) and, to be honest, I'm bored.  I also intended to not make them too personal - I mean, who wants to read about a stranger's day-to-day life?  Well, me.  Sometimes.  If it's interesting.  So, starting tonight I'm going to be posting some more spontaneous posts, either when I don't have yet another book review ready or just have something to say.  Oh, and to note - I have two book reviews in progress and a third in line.  It's really hard for me to motivates myself to write them.  Anyway…here we go!

First off, I demand that you read this article immediately.  It's short, sweet, and says everything I should have in my Twilight review.

Once you're done with that, you need to eat one of these blondies with a scoop of this chocolate ice cream. It'll be about four trillion calories of pure, unadulterated vegan bliss.

So this post is rapidly turning into a list of links but trust me, they're all worth it.  Switching gears…

I have had ridiculous writer's block recently.  For awhile I was coming up with a bunch of ideas but either couldn't motivate myself to write or nothing came out right.  Now I can't motivate myself - not even for book reviews, never mind creative works like my short story collection which I desperately want to finish so that I can publish it and be filthy rich so that I can install a coffeehouse in my home.  Why would I do this you ask?  Because the only places I can really motivate myself to write are Starbucks and Barnes & Noble cafes, yet I don't have $4 to spend on a chai latte every time I want to set pen to paper (AKA fingers to keyboard) and really, the cheap drinks just aren't sufficient for the transliteration of such creative brainwaves.

Back to writing: I feel like my story collection needs something new but I can't decide what that thing is.  What I'd really like to attempt is "The Steeplechase," which sounds like an intimidating, exhausting, soul-wrenching route to some really excellent writing.  I estimate that it would require somewhere around three to four dozen soy chai lattes to complete this, meaning that I currently need a Starbucks gift card totaling at least $144.  Any donors out there?  I'll include your name in the acknowledgements.  If the donation is repeated, I will dedicate the whole damn thing to you.  Remember back when this was a normal way for writers and other artists to earn a living?  Rich patrons would give them money and they'd spend all day at Starbucks banging out stories on their Macs.  Or something.  That's what I need.

I'm thinking of somehow using the blog for accountability in relation to my writing, though I'm not sure how that would work.  There are probably some websites out there that do this.  Yet another way to procrastinate…

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  1. That should be one expensive book! It will all be worth it when you have your very own coffeehouse in your home though :D

    Thanks for the blondie shout-out and for the link to Hannah's ice cream! Must. Make. Ice. Cream! :)