Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Most Obnoxious Thing an Interviewer Can Say

So I've been job-hunting for about two months, which I know really isn't that long compared to many.  It gets pretty discouraging but I think that I have already hit the lowest point I can reach despite being a recent college grad who probably has several months or years of cumulative job searches ahead of her.  No, I don't mean the lowest point mentally - I mean I've already heard the most obnoxious thing an interviewer can throw at me.  And it was all for a job I didn't even want.

Interviewer: I hate you already.
Me: Um…?
Interviewer: You got a nearly perfect GPA at Rutgers?!
Me: Oh.  Yeah.
Interviewer: I mostly just screwed around while I was at Rutgers but it didn't matter because I knew that I already had a job.

Oh, and he couldn't spell "fulfillment."  This is why I worked my ass off for three years?


  1. Wow. This guy is delightful.

  2. Seriously, that IS obnoxious! Some people shouldn't be let out of the house!

  3. What a cretin! I hope you treated yourself to something nice after going through that! :)