Monday, July 5, 2010

VegNews Giveaway!

Sadly, this giveaway is once again not being hosted by my blog.  Rather, it's being hosted by Tasha at The Voracious Vegan in honor of her recent recognition by VegNews as one of today's top ten vegan bloggers.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Tasha, she's an American expat feminist vegan who currently lives and writes in Saudi Arabia.  Her blog is personal, passionate, and generous.  It's always fresh because she strikes a great balance between the quotidian and her passions, like discussions of feminism, inequalities, dogs, et cetera.  She is incredibly genuine, recently having fasted herself in solidarity with all those in this world who face hunger every day of their lives.  But of course, she loves food - Tasha always has delicious food porn to share and, unlike many a blogger out there, she actually shares her amazing and original recipes with her readers (I recently made the chickpea curry -  so delicious!).  This is not a blog to drool jjj in envy - it's a blog to drool over and then partake in because Tasha is nice and doesn't make you pay.  She shares her veganism and inspires others rather than turning it into a way to profit.  Tasha is also incredibly enthusiastic and upbeat, finding joy in the smallest things and inspiring others (read: me) to do the same.  In case you can't tell by my adoring outburst or repeated links to her blog in past posts, Tasha is one of my favorite bloggers as well so I am delighted that she was recognized for her contributions to the blogger world.

Now onto the giveaway: Tasha is giving one lucky reader a subscription to VegNews and it could be you!  Just head on over to the giveaway post on her blog and leave a comment telling her that you want to win and you'll be entered into the contest.  It's as easy as that!  Or you could just tell her that your entry is in my honor.  I have no idea if that's allowed, but I'm cool with it!  :]

Congratulations to Tasha and good luck to all who enter the giveaway!


  1. Such a lovely lovely post - and so true! Good luck in the competition x

  2. I love Tasha's blog, and her recipes too.