Friday, May 28, 2010


No, I'm not hosting a giveaway.  Unfortunately, having all of two readers consisting of your fiance and your roommate does not make companies want to host giveaways through your blog.

But before we get to the giveaway, let's discuss my last post.  I rarely see negative product or restaurant reviews on people's blogs.  While my review wasn't wholly negative, it certainly wasn't a rave.  It was awkward to write and, now, awkward to read.  Plus, I don't want to bash a company with such a positive philosophy.  So should I keep things up-beat around here or give my honest opinion on things that I think my imagined reader base would want to know about?  A conundrum.

Fine, fine, I'll talk about the giveaway now.  Chocolate-Covered Katie is hosting a delicious giveaway in honor of Hug-a-Fat Month for her beloved organic Artisana products!  The prize includes a large jar of Coconut Butter, a large jar of Coconut Oil, and a small jar of Cacao Bliss.  Yum!  Now if you're anything like me, you'll want to scoot over there ASAP because I espied these babies at Whole Foods the other day and they are waaaay out of my price range.  Too much for even a "just this once" moment.

What fat are you hugging today?  I'm hugging some delicious coconut milk: the lovely base for coconut milk ice cream, various curries, and this chocolate mousse that I've been wanting to try.  Okay, so maybe I'm not actually hugging it per se, but it is sitting atop my head and that's close enough.  :]


  1. Hahahaha oh I love it! And you're the first one to hug coconut milk. Hard to believe, right?
    Also, you give new meaning to the idea of putting a book on one's head for good posture... I like the idea of balancing coconut milk much better :)

    I don't know which is cuter, this photo or your avocado one. You're so much fun!!

  2. So when I went to Stop & Shop today I saw that they had Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter and I almost texted you and then I didn't since I'm only allowed to talk to you via comments on your blog. :-P